Mother Nature's plea

This image is of Mother Nature holding onto Earth.
Mother Nature is an intricate part of our Planet Earth. Life can only go on as long as they live together in harmony, and as long as human beings don't disrupt their bond.

Oh ‘Wise’ Man.

Oh wise man, that is who you are right?

The wise men, the conquerors of land, ocean, air and space.

The wise men, the inventors of the wheel, the light bulb, the telephone.

Oh the wise men, the reasons behind the world war and the constant conflicts.

The wise men, the cause of animal extinction and climate change.

The wise men, the dominators of all life on Earth.

Hear me, oh wise man, oh almighty wise man.

Did you forget about me? Are you heedless of my cries, or just oblivious?

Why is the water dirty? Why is the air dirty? Where are all the trees?

Where are all the animals? Why are temperatures rising? Why are ocean levels rising? Why are there so many diseases in the world?

Oh hear me wise man, you are the almighty wise man.

I am hurting, now more than ever I am hurting.

Hear my plea, it is extremely urgent

For I have waited for decades and decades.

Oh wise man, I am dying.


A wise man no longer wise.

You have failed to address my woe.

You are completely ignorant of my cries.

You are not so wise anymore, oh wise man.

Should I address you as the “unwise man?”

It doesn’t really matter does it?

I have forgiven you thousand times before.

But not anymore, oh unwise man.

We will conquer once again, won’t we?

After all, the power of Mother Nature always succeeds.

Oh wise man.