My environment

Luangwa river in Zambia

I am a youth who is witnessing the impact of climate change and environmental degradation- the loss of trees due to uncontrollable cutting and burning of trees to be used as charcoal. How have we let the ideas of investment and development bring about more destruction than good? Selfishness and greed are affecting a lot of poor people who depend on natural resources. I ask myself, what am I doing wrong as an individual? What is Zambia or every Zambian doing wrong? What can I do to bring positive change? What can we as youth do to protect our environment?

I believe there is need to promote sustainable activities, including the promotion of sustainable farming. Farmers should realise the connection between every living organism in the soil, trees surrounding them, bodies of water and the air. Trees are being cut down everyday without considering the effects that it has on the environment and every living organism.

Developmental programs that are being implemented, like building a dam in the Luangwa river in Zambia, are forgetting people who depend on the river for every day survival. People who live along the river, make a living through fishing, or farm near the river. My question is how do people survive when the environment is not being protected and yet we depend on the environment for everything? There is a need to protect our environment and biodiversity that surrounds us. 

Young people should take a stand and protect the environment our future depends on it