My experience visiting one of the best campuses in ASIA

me and my friends at Merlion Park, Singapore

Hello, my name is Zahra Nabila from Indonesia. Last year I had the opportunity to visit Singapore through the Youth Delegation Program organized by IDEAS for Indonesia. I am very grateful that after implementing this program, I have gained new knowledge and experience.

Last year, I had gathered at Soekarno Hatta airport and met new friends from various campuses in Indonesia. I am happy because I meet many new friends and discussed many things. I took an afternoon flight and arrived at Singapore Changi Airport in the evening. From Changi Airport we went straight to the hotel to rest.

The next day we went straight to the National University of Singapore (NUS). While on the trip I felt how beautiful Singapore is. Neat and no litter scattered. The culture of Singaporeans who are obedient in disposing of garbage in its place is one of the lessons that I can take. Upon arrival at NUS, a campus tour and sharing session were held with NUS students from Indonesia. I have a lot of knowledge. one of which is about the lecture system at NUS, the faculties at NUS, and the life of international students in Singapore. After the campus tour, we immediately conducted learning at the National University of Singapore with Mr. Dr. Thomas Chong and Miss Edina. The two presenters taught that the importance of education for us The nation's successors

After the campus tour and learning at NUS, we visited various places in Singapore at Garden by The Bay, Chinatown, City Tour at Merlion park, and the Art Science Museum. Don't forget that every time I always document it. How grateful I am to be able to visit such a beautiful place in Singapore. Many cultures can be learned from this country. In addition to places in Singapore that are always clean and beautiful, it turns out that the culture of residents in Singapore is also very disciplined with regulations.

After joining this youth delegation program I realized that education is very important. Therefore, we as young people are expected to continue to improve our quality so that we can become quality human resources for the future of our beloved homeland.

me in merlion park
Me in Merlion Park
Me and my friends in NUS
Me and my friends in National University of Singapore