My Journey to Climate Advocacy: From Yemen with Passion

Climate justice now reads a placard at a protest.

Ever wondered what drives someone to become an advocate? Let me share a bit of my story. Living in Yemen, I've been surrounded by issues that touch our community, especially young girls like me. The more I thought about these problems, the more I felt a burning desire to voice them out loud. Because you know what? When we come together, we can solve just about anything! 

When I started working with my youth group it was an absolute game-changer. Picture this: a group of lively girls, some my age, some a bit older or younger. It was like stepping into a room full of friends, a newfound family. We'd sit in circles, opening up about our experiences and the challenges we face. For the first time, I felt truly understood, and it was liberating!  

Diving deep into climate advocacy, that was the real leap! Through this, I've connected with amazing girls, not just in Yemen but across the region. Their stories, their dreams, their ambitions - it’s been an incredible boost to my own spirit. Together, we've embarked on this enlightening journey, unpacking the vastness of climate change, its global impact, and what it particularly means for us in Yemen. 

Speaking of Yemen, climate change isn’t some abstract idea for us. It’s real. Just the other day, a heavy downpour led to a landslide near my place. People’s lives turned upside down in an instant – homes demolished; jobs lost. Seeing this firsthand? Heart-wrenching. We're dealing with the extremes – floods one moment, droughts the next. 

I believe I'm on a mission! I talk to my school friends about the climate crisis, urging them to drop harmful habits, and just be more mindful about our actions. The best part? Feeling that weight of responsibility, realising that we can either be part of the problem or the solution. And I choose the latter, every single day. There's a sense of pride in knowing you're doing something worthwhile, right? 

Here's my call to action for everyone reading this: Climate change is REAL. Together, we have the power to make things right. Let's join hands, spread the word, and be the change our planet so desperately needs.