A new sunshine

First rays of sun on the top of the mountains

‘Out of the cocoon, the pupa felt that it was dying but it was a new beginning instead, a beautiful butterfly started flying’ is a popular motivational statement that I find inspiring.

Similarly, when we feel that the whole world is collapsing, a new sunshine appears for us. The moral is that ‘after every end, comes a new beginning’, so we should never loose hope and continue our struggle because it is what keeps us alive.

If complex circumstances come your way, just go somewhere peaceful for a while, where you can be yourself and talk to your inner soul. This conversation will relieve you and get you out of the maze of confusion. Finally you will feel stronger than ever with your positivity boosted, overriding the negative vibes of stress.

Look at the night sky, it appears to loose the clear blue complexion beauty of the day by becoming dark. But in loosing the bright rays of the sun the moon shines beautifully and billions of stars add their sparkles. Although this horizon seems to be bound somewhere nearby, all of us know the universal truth that it is infinite.

And so are our minds which occupy our small brains, but whose depth is infinite,  is not even measurable by the most sophisticated machinery. Thus, we humans have infinite potential. If we limit ourselves then the world will be narrow and congested, but if we let ourselves thrive, the world will be vast and there will be knowledge everywhere. We can swim in the sea of opportunities where we can learn anytime and anywhere, even from our own problems. It’s how we see, the same glass can be seen half-filled or half empty.

In a nutshell, my message to all the girls and women from all over the world for Women’s Day this year is: let’s empower ourselves and broaden our attitudes to learn, so that we can inspire other women and girls to rise for equality.

We are the generation that is leading the change so that the new sunshine will smile at our generation and our future generations of equal societies that we create in our time.

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2017 to all the women around the globe. Be Bold for Change.