Our Chance


Many subjects are being discussed around the world; however, education isn't given the importance it deserves. Yes, we try to implement things around us, and improving education is known to be in every politician's agenda. This is much discussed and talked about, but are actions really being taken? Education is the key and base for children to grow up. It opens doors in our life to bigger opportunities and futures. Everyone deserves a chance and should receive it. It's a common discussion that people have, but education isn't only about learning, it's about helping people discover that true gift that each of us is born with. Education is the training of the mindset and the understanding of our surroundings. Everyone needs to be trained to become good at something.  

Education is a human right; it cannot be denied. What prevents children from accessing education? Skipping stages in their life, being forced into adulthood, because of the condition that 689 million people live in: poverty. Child work is something that 17% of the children population has to go through worldwide. Many parents can't send their children to school because they can't afford it. But this shouldn't hold back children from receiving education.

"Children should have pens in their hands, not tools," said Iqbal Maish.

But recently had a huge setback: the pandemic, which had a major impact on children and education and has left less of a chance for kids to attend school.  

Ecuador faced ninety thousand dropouts from school during the pandemic. Out of those who stayed, one hundred and ten thousand have not submitted their portfolios, which means they've stopped attending school. Due to the loss of income, children have started working to help their families. Schools do not have the necessary infrastructure to return to in-person schooling. Only 57% of the population in Ecuador are internet users; the rest aren't able to afford it, meaning that they are excluded from virtual classes, and with it, from education. 

It is not enough to mention the issues, we need to find solutions. Ecuador is a country that struggles with money because of past issues. However, the government should make education a priority. This process would require organization and volunteering. A fair could be organized every 2 months in which private high school students would be involved as this would count as community service. We could get a hold of companies who would like to have a stand in the fair to promote their product. Working together with the students, they could transform it into something fun, like a game that would attract people to pay to go. This way, with the earned money, public schools could improve their infrastructure and provide a bigger and safer space for the students to receive classes and maintain a safe distance. At the same time, students would earn a community service badge and a meaningful connection to their community.  

Education is our human right, everyone's human right. If every child does not receive it, we will not have the country we hope for the future. We need to stand up for every member of our community to have equal access to education. If we want a chance at having the country we dream of, education is our chance.  

By Ana Paula, 14, from Colegio Menor Samborondón in Ecuador