A Passion I Found Quarantined: Art!

This is my art pad. The cover was plain cardboard at first, thus I decided to decorate it with doodles I did.

Art has become a new passion of mine during quarantine. Before, I never really considered myself good at art, but rather writing, writing anything like stories, poetry, essays, reports etc. I've always been a writer and history fanatic at heart, but never an artist. However, despite being good at writing, I was and still am a person discovering myself and home confinement has made me discover that I have great potential for art too!

I'm not going to lie, I used to have admiration and slight envy at great artists. I always wanted to be great at art too, but my gut told me I could never be and I was distraught as some people I know are amazing at realistic drawing and painting. I was always embarrassed to show my art as they were resembled animated characters and not realistic. But I realized that I don't need to be great at a sector another person is and I can find other ways to excel and I was not conscious anymore of showing my art and this is how I started blogging at Voices of Youth.

I improve at art as my age increases. People say often that some have "the gift" to draw or paint. But this is not accurate and not entirely true, in my opinion. Your art gets better as you grow older and start practicing more. Yes, art too, requires patience and practice. Artists in ancient times, for example, took years to paint a single picture as they were so dedicated and didn't have the materials we do that we take for granted. That is remarkable patience and dedication. Today's artists may not take years to draw, but they do take a long time. Patience and dedication are traits still needed by both emerging and long-time artists.

Thus, I learned 3 things. No.1: NEVER compare yourself with others, No.2: Good things TAKE TIME (Rome wasn't built in a day!), No.3: Practice makes PERFECT. If you're still finding yourself, don't worry! Nobody is born great, but made great.

My sketch of Eleanor of Aquitaine.
Apart from art, I also ADORE History and this is a passion I had before lockdown. History never fails to fascinate me and thus, I sketched Eleanor of Aquitaine above, a powerful Medieval, French queen in history. In her time, women couldn't do what they wanted, but she proved everyone wrong by ruling a kingdom! This is true feminism.
Visual arts