Solution to Waste Management Issues

This image contains a girl holding a tray containing an edible spoon and a girl whose filming her.

As we all know, plastic waste is a big environmental problem. A big part of that is plastic plates, cutlery, and bottles. Many organizations have been working on finding a solution. If we were to only use edible cutlery then plastic waste management wouldn’t be such a problem because the amount of plastic used would be reduced.

Our experiment consists of finding the most durable and long lasting recipe of edible cutlery. We chose three different recipes and we will measure how long they can last in a liquid substance such as hot milk. The recipes we chose were: granola, sugar cookie, and dough. Sadly, the granola spoon couldn’t hold the milk but it lasted the longest (3 hrs). The sugar cookie spoon could hold the milk but after about 2 mins it fell apart and got soggy. The dough spoon lasted about 1 hr 15 mins. It was successful in holding the milk without it bleeding through.

Our experiment could eliminate a huge amount of plastic waste and would make waste management much easier. It could add a tasty alternative to everyone's meals because many flavors could be created. In the span of 5 to 10 years, the price of a pack of edible cutlery will be the same or even cheaper than a pack of plastic cutlery. The use of plastic spoons, knives, and forks will be eliminated and so will be their production. I hope to spread the word to everyone and help them reduce the amount of plastic that they use.