Stepping towards life...

my 14,50 km run done in a timelapse of 48 minutes , August 2019

Hello boys and girls , 

I am back, and first of all I wanted to apologize myself for this inactivity period. Due to my different engagements in the sport community, associative work ad of course studies, it seems pretty difficult to juggle between interacting with other youth voices and heading upward my current life.

Without further talks, take a sit and settle in because my calves and I are about to flow out the pain and wounds lived together, during this athletic life paramount step.

Nowadays we are surrounded by aspects affecting our daily life that we don’t necessarily notice. We introduce ourselves to tiny different changes in our lifestyle. As consequences, either we made it right and we end up having a better life, or we could have took the wrong decisions and finish up destroying an used to be antediluvian “heaven”.

In fact, I want to take a path back and talk for a moment about a paramount element that had turned my life to a more sanguine one.

My struggles with bullies were followed by a long moment of austerity. I wasn’t delighted to make anything, not even moving.

By the days, I’ve asked why to take back sports in order to see how things can go.

So I ran my first 3000 meters, and let me tell you, it was so exhausting. But I was sparkled and astonished by seeing how capable I am to realize things. I’ve achieved this distance in a time of 30min48.

Step after the next, a foot print followed by another, I wasn’t living my life, I was actually running it, and running had become my new Sui generis medication.

I was breathing a reborn air, being carried away by the wind of change and for the first I wasn’t looking back, I was stepping ahead this positive vibe.

Reintroducing myself to this energizing world was tough, it was a battle confronting me against all these dark thoughts and sadness, but I became faster than ever, enough to let these ideas fly away
The next year came by pretty quickly and it was our race day. This event meant a lot for me, it was the moment to prove how furious I was about these silence years.

Stepping on the white line, setting my posture, tightening my shoulders and flexing my arms. The alarm just rang and our race began.

It was a revenge for me: my own moment .and it was amazing. And guess what happened? I won our 3000 m race with a timing of 9min26. At the drop of hat, I’ve realized how running positively affected my life style and have left me with a better way of living and thinking.

In conclusion, given my experience, we can end up saying that small changes transform many things in a huge way. Remember: “don’t run away from challenges, just run over them”.

Paces steps  make us reflect: torn shoes, bleeding feet, but most of all a comitement manifest. Limits aren't an anchored mark but rather are conveyable ones, will -power and perseverance will eventually make your rise higher and higher until you reach the light by the end of the tunnel.

me and my friends - Lisbon