Talent carries you further than fame

Talented person

"In a world where literally anyone can be famous, I hope to inspire people to be talented instead," says Maisie Williams. 

Now, I am going to discuss about a topic which is rare but also very important, talent carries you further than fame. Does it? Well, In my point of view, it definitely does. But why? Let me explain you by telling a dialogue of one of my favorite characters.

"Fame isn't everything, is it Mr. Potter?" says Severus Snape to Harry Potter, and I totally agree with him. You know what? Talent can carry you so much further than 15 minutes of fame. People who are famous are famous because of their talent. If you wanna be famous you have to be talented. Being talented can give you happiness. For example, I like drawing and I am blessed with good drawing skills and whenever I make a beautiful drawing I feel happy just because of my talent. That's what I am trying to say, happiness is an need of our life, while fame isn't.

If you are talented you can teach your talent to others, you can serve humanity and what can be better than that? Like I want to be an Author not to get fame but to motivate others and make others people who like reading, just like me, feel happy. If people will be motivated and happy just because of my work, I will feel happy too and that's why I want to become an Author.

Well, my dreams are not small, and nobody's dream should be small, and if your dreams don't scare you then they are too small. You'll achieve all of your dreams and goals if you are worth it, and of course you are worth it!

Just as Maisie Williams says "So trust that you are good enough. If there's one thing that I've learnt is that there truly is a place for everyone."