Transition From Online To Physical School

Online class.

We are still having our online classes and can't wait for physical school to start. But, many are still anxious to start school in their respective institutions as they see so many people after so long, especially introverts like myself. I would feel a mix between nervousness and relief. I would be relieved as I can finally go somewhere other than my house and nervousness as I have to interact with so many people. But, I would rather have physical school than online classes any longer.


I get super bored at home. It's miserable, in all honesty. You're locked away and your only source of light is your balcony and rooftop. And when you do go out, you have to wear masks and if you wear them for too long, you start feeling suffocated. When you are at home all day, you'll still get bored and online classes can make your head ache and irritate your eyes as you stare at a screen for hours, trying to focus on the lessons and it is honestly tiresome. You start feeling tired, despite doing no physical labor and it is also harder to focus on subjects like Math and Physics and these are understood better when you are actually in front of your teachers. I, occasionally have outbursts of anger due to staying indoors for so long and I think many of you can relate.

But, here's the thing.

When you will actually go to school, you may start feeling weird. I also think that on the first day, teachers should not immediately start teaching what they did during online classes. This could put a lot of pressure on students and they will panic. Instead, teachers can slowly teach and show more progress in further classes as students, once again adjust going to school. Just as the transition of physical to online school was hard, online school to physical school will be twice as hard. You may start feeling pressured to study and when things are done under panic, things can get messy. 

So, take things slow. Don't feel pressured. Talk to your friends at school and be calm.