Tricks to learn a foreign language easier

a page from a language textbook

Lots of people now travel or work with colleagues from foreign countries and for better communication, it is important to know their language. I'm learning four languages currently and have four tricks for you to study them easier.


1. Learn the basics of grammar

The basics of grammar are different in each language. Almost all of us when we start learning other languages naturally apply our own language's grammar. Which is okay, but is usually incorrect. So, we must learn the main principles of grammar. You can do this by surfing the internet for the main rules of the language you are learning.

2. Read texts

Reading texts can show you how to use various words and rules of grammar in practice. Find books or articles for your language level. It is important that the topic of the text is interesting to you. 

3. Speak with native speakers

For the best results - use words and grammar rules in practice. With a native speaker, you can learn new phrases or hear how to pronounce words. However, you might have a problem with finding a native speaker, so you can search for them on social media, and websites or you can have a friend from the country. Also, it is not rare to have relatives living in foreign countries. Thus, you can ask them for help.

4. "Hiding" words

Hiding words is an easy trick but you must have a dictionary. The idea of the trick is to hide native or foreign words and try to remember them by heart. This trick is aimed at widening your vocabulary. With this learning tactic, you can learn new words easier and faster.


In conclusion, there are many ways to learn new languages. I hope these tricks will help you to learn new languages and become smarter.