We are on a journey

Journey that is life

Everyone has been through a lot in their life, well as it is said that nothing comes easy. We have faced different trials and tribulations which have crossed it with our brave hearts. There is no rainbow without a rain, there is a light to the end of tunnel. To reach that light we have to take a walk down the dark tunnel. It is said at the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold now to reach that pot you have to take a journey and follow the VIBGYOR. 

Some experiences in life have brought unexpected huddles and we have sank due to it. But that is only a phase or maybe you can say a unfavourable chapter of the journey called life. All mines do not have diamonds, some mines of coal or some of the just rocks and stones. If all mines consist of diamonds the value of the diamonds would decrease. So these not good phases actually help us to value the good chapters of life. 

Life is like a SpringBoard, the pressure and force exerted on it to pull it down the higher it throws when released. The pressure that we face helps us to get ready for the victorious battle that we have to fight and when the battle has ended the glorious victory will shine upon you. Yes, initially we might have to bend down when the strong winds blow just like how the trees fight through the storm. Well this is the philosophy of survival but not to even forget that darker night the brighter are the stars. 

Social media is flooded with images of people on vacations and holidays and not to forget the show case of awards and achievement, but has anyone gone behind the scene and seen what obstacles these achiever had faced.         

A walk through the path of thorns to reach those roses is what everyone goes through. It is an adventure into the unknown which will teach us lessons and give us experiences all we have to do is be brave. 

It is not an easy journey but that does not mean you give up, be prepared and be courageous.                                                               

So walk tall, be brave, stay strong, have courage and be classy.

Be Brave, Have Courage