What I Know about Perseverance

Persevere written five times on a background.

Perseverance always pays off, that's what I've heard countless times throughout my childhood. While I was not the type of kid who would easily believe stuff adults would so confidently speak of, I thought it must be true. After all, whatever is wrong with the idea of perseverance, right? If one persistently works towards something, one must of course be rewarded in the end. 

However, as I grew up into adulthood and matured in various ways, I realized life didn't always work like that. Perseverance didn't always pay off, and nor did my own experience with it. The meek version of me was ashamed of this discovery but, on the other hand, I understood how important this realization was. 

Persistently, ruthlessly and passionately working towards a goal is an extremely admirable effort. Personally, I look up to people who have persevering qualities. I too desire to have that quality in myself - and to some extent, I believe I have it in me, no matter how minuscule. Nevertheless, it's smart to understand that the world doesn't work consistently all the time. That means sometimes what you've been persevering after might not be achieved in the end. Disappointment is natural and so is the feeling of inadequacy and guilt - guilt that you could have tried harder - and while all of those are real and valid emotions and might be true in some cases, it's equally valid to realize that what's done is done. Your perseverance didn't pay off this time. 

It absolutely breaks my heart whenever I don't achieve a goal. Especially a goal after which I have toiled hours or even months, for which I have declined social events and relentlessly worked towards. It's still difficult for me to accept that this time my perseverance didn't pay off. But I know this will not be the case every single time.

I believe perseverance is that one quality that will most likely set you up for success. It's that valuable. So, continue persevering towards your goals, even when sometimes it doesn't pay off.