The Wonders of Sharing

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My family is not rich in money, but rich in love, and that is the only treasure I can always keep.

When people are screaming for help, my family is always there to reach them out.

We are not rich, but at least we have something to share. 

This is not to brag the good things we do for other people, but to inspire everyone about the Wonders of Sharing.

When we were younger, we have been taught about the importance of sharing. Now that I am growing older, I have understood the how's and why's of sharing. Last year, we went on an Outreach Program with my family. The place is not that far from our place, but we have to climb the mountain. We struggled climbing the mountain because it is slippery and we carry too much things. As we arrived at the place, I saw many children with their parents waiting for us, I know that they were happy and excited, I saw it on their faces. Their smile motivated me to give more. 

The work my family do inspired me to reach out other people who are most in need, not only in my country but all around the globe. I tried volunteering in various organizations that focuses mainly in children and poor families. 

Helping and sharing is not always about other people, it is also about yourself.

Helping and sharing things to other people doesn't always mean giving but also learning. 

After the program, I realized a lot of things.

I always complain about the littlest thing I have, but for them, it is something that they could cherish. 

The price I pay for my wants, is the price they pay for their needs.  

We should stop complaining for the things we already have, just because you hate the color, you hate the way it is. 

You don't have to buy stuffs for yourself to be satisfied.

Just by helping other people the feeling is more copacetic. 

If you are lucky enough to have something, treasure them.

If you have the ability to help someone, help them.

Always put in your heart that you don't need to have money to help someone, the more you need is love. And sharing doesn't always mean material things, but creating memories that you will live by forever. 


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"If you are blessed, be a blessing"