You Owe You

Paper clips position to spell out "You" on a yellow paper.

YOU: One of the shortest yet most powerful words. Everything that happens starts with you and ends with you. You are the sufferer, the warrior, and the risk-taker. The easiest thing to be in this world is you. You have the courage, compassion and power to bring change.

Life is a blueprint. You have it in your hand and now its your turn to evaluate the way you perform and spend your time. Set your own goals, make your own plans and be the center of your plan, operate it and move forward. People around you are nothing but just the hurdles. Some might be your well wishers but some are just problem makers disguised as friends. You are never alone. Its just you victimizing yourself of being alone. At the end of the day it's always you vs you. You fight with your own thoughts entire day. Its okay to be angry or sad when things don't go your way but they are just your feelings. Its you who have to set the standards for your values, beliefs, practices, focus and self-knowledge.

Its your time to dream and achieve the greatness that you have dreamt of. Its your time to take a hold of your life. Its your time to live the life the way you want. Its your time to know your worth. Its your time to be you. Trust me it's only about YOU.