Your Season


Have you ever felt useless? Have you ever felt like you are a burden to your family and society because you can’t give them anything and yet you keep on taking? Have you ever felt like you are wasting away your life by doing nothing? Have you felt like you don't deserve to be loved and cared for that?

Maybe you felt that way because you are slow. Maybe you are unemployed. Maybe you are differently abled (no offense here, I myself am differently abled, and I feel that way at times). Maybe you want to take the path less traveled instead of the highway.

I have been there.

Let me tell you one thing. You are still young. Though none of us know whether we will get the chance to grow old or die at a young age, let me assure you – your time will come.

Some of us grow up and mature faster than we should according to our age due to experiences and circumstances, whereas some people remain childish or teeny even in their twenties. Some of us decide on what to do in the future at an early age, and some of us find our dreams late, even in our twenties or thirties. Some of us start a career at a young age and support families, but the majority find careers in our late twenties, and a significant number stay unemployed for a long time.

Think of yourself as a tree. Every tree has its own season of blossom. Some flowers bloom all year round, some flowers bloom in a particular season. Some trees are small and only bloom flowers, some trees bloom flowers and give fruits, and some trees give wood. But all of them are important for our existence. Can you say that a tree is useless because it only gives birth to winter flowers and they die? All of the trees, end of the day, give us oxygen.

You may not be like a big tree that gives wood and fruits, but you can bloom flowers. Even if you don't have flowers, you can just shine because of your existence as a human, you can be a precious existence to someone, like your family, or friend, or someone. Maybe you are not a flower that blooms in spring, but you are a winter flower, or a flower that blooms in autumn. Your season will come, even if it seems late.