Getting Stuck During Your Advocacy Journey

Young school children posing for a photo
In Africa, children make up almost half of the population. Our continent is truly full of potential - and students at the Modern Age Academy in Accra, Ghana, clearly agree.

At various points throughout the advocacy process, you will feel stuck, confused, or demotivated.

Do not despair – this is all part of the process and it is often in these moments that we do our best learning. 


So what should you do if that happens?


First, try to get support. Whether it is a friend, guardian, parent, teacher or colleague, try to find someone who you can talk to and share ideas with. Personal support and encouragement are very important so try to find someone who can support you. 

Second, remember that you are not alone. Sometimes we are the first people to make a path that others can follow, and this can be a lonely experience. Remember that youth from around the world have undertaken similar tasks and faced similar challenges. Read other people’s stories, look for examples similar to yours, and see how other people have handled their situations. Connect with youth on different platforms to share ideas, whether through a local community group or an online platform, and as you do so you will start to develop creative or innovative solutions. 

Third, don’t try to do everything by yourself. You might be the main driver of the cause, or even the main motivation, but you are not super-human and you cannot do everything by yourself. It’s very easy to take on too much and to burn out easily, so you need make sure you are looking after yourself, as well as your cause. Start building a team of people that can help you to achieve your goals. Remember, everyone has a different set of skills and abilities and by working with a team, you can start to distribute the workload and engage in the advocacy process more effectively. 

Fourth, remember that there are endless resources available to support you during this journey. UNICEF is here for you! Have a look through our website, The Internet of Good Things, Voices of Youth and other platforms for inspiration and guidance. Contact the UNICEF office in your country for support and potential collaboration with other young people in your country

Your advocacy journey will be tough at times, but you can't let that stop you. 

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