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The Youth Advocacy Guide has been developed by people of varying ages, with different lived experiences, and a passion for change. It was originally created through an extensive consultative process, which brought together the voices of young people from various parts of Africa. Initially developed in 2018 by the Africa Service Unit, this latest iteration, adapted by young people across the world, includes updated resources, training materials, and case studies to reach a global audience. The 2022 Youth Advocacy Guide work is led by UNICEF’s Adolescent Development and Participation (ADAP) team in collaboration with the Health section and the Division of Global Communication and Advocacy (DGCA). 
The Youth Advocacy Guide is a youth-focused resource that aims to support users along their personal advocacy journeys. This Youth Advocacy Guide is intended to help any advocate working in any field navigate and advocate for change. Think of the guide as a young person’s ally as they work to leave their mark on the world. It aims to lead users through the process of advocacy, combining clear ‘how to’ steps with inspirational stories from other young people who are striving to bring about change. This guide will take you through the processes of fact-finding, planning, engaging with policy, building momentum, and making individual lifestyle choices. This page contains more resources for when you want additional, in-depth content on various advocacy subjects.


The Youth Advocacy Guide [ENG] cover page

Make sure to download the full UNICEF Youth Advocacy Guide for more information.

Available in English, French and Spanish.

[Coming soon in Arabic and Portuguese!]


You can also host your own advocacy training! Download the training guide and collaborative workspace here.


Strengthening your advocacy


Everything from finding your advocacy issue, engaging supporters, and monitoring progress. 

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Self-care as an advocate


Saving the world is important, but so are you. Learn more about self-care, and making sure you’re being safe online. 

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Being a better communicator


Deliver your message effectively through digital media, public events, and beyond.  

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  • Blogging 101 and 201 
    Blogging remains an effective way to share your perspective and build an audience - here are some tips to get you started.

  • Using Principles of Persuasion (University of Kansas)
    What you say matters, and so does how you say it. Use some of these tips to bolster your arguments and mission.

Advocating together


Whether you’re running your own organization or part of one, be equipped with the tools to make the work even stronger. 

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Interested in doing advocacy? Read more about how you can champion change through advocacy here!