How do our relationships impact our mental health?


Our relationships are closely connected to our well-being, and they can impact us in helpful and unhelpful ways.  

When we say relationships, we mean all kinds – with our friends, our families, or our teachers – and even with ourselves!  

So, if you’re interested to know things like: 

...Why it’s important to be your own best friend  

...How to deal with difficult relationships and have better connections  

...How you can be a good friend to others and support their mental health... 


Then keep scrolling! 

Building positive connections


4 tips on building positive connections with others

Two  cartoon "brain" characters hugging

Tip 1

Listening is essential to understanding and connecting with others.

When you’re having a conversation with someone, put distractions (like your phone!) aside, ask follow-up questions, and summarize what you’ve heard. 

Tip 2

Making an effort to understand what someone is going through is an important part of building positive relationships.

Try asking yourself: How might they be feeling right now? Was there a time that I felt the same way? How can I show kindness and be helpful?  

One cartoon brain reaches out a hand to another cartoon brain who is sitting on the ground and appears to be weighed down by their thoughts.
A graphic showing one brain talking to another brain

Tip 3

You can’t always control the way others behave, but you can respectfully let them know what’s on your mind.

It might not be easy at first but try expressing how you feel and saying what you need or would like the other person to do.

For example, “I feel ___________ right now, I need /could you please ________.” 

Tip 4

Remember, disagreement and difference are not the same things as being bullied or harmed. If you are ever feeling unsafe or hurt in a relationship, try reaching out to a trusted friend or adult for support.

Asking for help isn’t always easy but it’s a sign of courage and a way to take care of yourself.  

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U-Report Chatbot

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