The Activist

world fingerprint

These words are mine and what I claim is what I believe in. I do not assume that my opinion is the ultimate truth. However, this is how I see the world.

I don’t claim myself as the perfect activist and I am not giving myself the right to define what a true activist is. Yet, let me draw for you the picture of the activist who lives inside my head.

An activist is a limitless person— they belong to the whole universe. They are a person who sees the world as their own home. An activist is part of everything and belongs to everyone. They treat people as human beings and not as commodities. An activist doesn’t divide people based on their races, religions, beliefs, personal preferences and life style. They are a person who embraces everyone unless they call for violence. A true activist doesn’t choose the cause— they are the cause … They are every cause in the world. Activism is not an ideology— it’s a human instinct to defend those who cannot defend themselves. An activist doesn’t judge people recklessly— they investigate, examine and only then do they form an opinion.

An activist is the voice of those who don’t have one.

You cannot claim to be an activist when you see someone oppressed and you don’t do anything because you don’t like their clothing. You cannot be an activist and judge people based on your own ideology or beliefs. You don’t have to like someone to preserve their right to exist. You don’t have to agree with someone to fight against everyone who tries to seize their freedom of speech.

An activist is a person who calls for coexistence. They are the one who accepts everyone regardless of their differences. The activist is a person who considers other people’s pain as their own. The world map doesn’t matter to them. For an activist every battle and every fight in the world is a call for them to act and to do something, even if it’s small.

If you can embrace the whole universe with all its differences then you are a true activist for me— being an activist doesn’t mean being one kind. All you have to be is “committed”. you don't need uniqueness to change the world, you only have to be brave to say the truth and to stand tall against oppression and violations. Most importantly, you have to be human and to believe in humanity.

To sum it all up, I would say, an activist is an advocate of love, peace, tolerance, compassion and integrity.