Women judged and misunderstood by the society standing up for themselves

The phrase 'Miss-Understood' encapsulates the pervasive misconception surrounding the women and girls within our community. It resonates with the deeply ingrained expectations imposed upon us from childhood through adulthood—a set of standards dictating how we should behave. It speaks volumes about the perpetual misunderstanding that shrouds our experiences, perpetuating an unyielding pressure to conform to predefined roles and norms.


In a world where judgments abound,
"Miss-understood," the whispers sound,
"Sit with your legs closed." they insist, But can we break free from
this persist?
"What are you wearing?" they question, concerned, For decency's
cloak, they expect it to be adorned,
"No late night parties." they solemnly declare, Society's watchful
eyes in the midnight air.
"You can't change society, change yourself," they proclaim,
But in their words, is there not a shred of blame? For why should
a woman alone bear the weight, Of family respect, an unjust fate?