The Real Life

A man stands on a ship at the beach.


I inquire the supreme soul regarding life

The solitary soul replies ‘Sentiment” is answer

Language of words, the dance of Actions and hope

These essences compose life's primal lore...


He doth proclaim, employ spoken verses with utmost care

As words possess the power to mend or to smash souls

To dwell in village, the words will adorn you with honor

And with honor you will live with love and satisfaction


With satisfied heart you will act like a virtuous soul

For your Noble deeds, everyone will be willing as you

With such virtues thou can embrace harmony in world

And with harmony thou can embrace enlightenment.


In the genesis of harmony and enlightenment Hope will be bore

The thirst of more days and striving to won finest things

When accomplish one the desire for other will be the path-rock

During this win-loss life become ruin mill and another world will welcome