Are we protecting our children?

Children Rights

A couple of days ago I was at a gas station with my mom and while I was waiting inside the car for someone to help me out I saw two kids, they were siblings... They weren't there waiting for their parents, they were working.
I felt terrible because they were supposed to be studying, they were supposed to be at a classroom not  working! 

And this comes even worse... A couple of minutes later I hear a man  yelling to the boy: Hey! Get away from here, you shouldn't be selling In this place, but leave your sister here with us, so that she can attract more clients! 

I was shocked and couldn't believe what I heard. The kid left the gas station without his sister and the girl continued approaching to the cars to offer the candies she was selling, and from one moment to another she was by herself sourrended by a group of grown men asking her name and who knows what else. 

Stuff like this happens every single day around the world and we are not doing anything to stop it, thousands of children, boys and girls are working instead of studying, every single day girls are victims of sexual, verbal and physical assault. But, what are we doing? 


- Michelle Ortiz

I believe it's time to raise our voice for the ones who can't, because kids are here to be empowered and protected, not to being exploided.