Becoming an Exceptional Woman

Smiley woman in red sweater

As a girl who is learning how to speak up and come out of my shell, I have always been an introvert, however, I am learning how to break the confines of silence and speak up when needed.

It's terrifying sometimes, but I feel empowered by the people I have around me, the community of individuals and role models I strive to emulate to make me a better person and change leader. I focus on building my abilities and finding my voice within and using it to express myself.

There are times when I feel insecure and have some sense of imposter syndrome in my ability to be a vessel of change in my community. When I identify the negativity around me, I ask myself, Is that me talking or is that fear preventing me from going forward?

Over the years I’ve learnt to have more confidence in myself and what I can do. I trust in my ability and tell myself in the mirror every day that I am strong and “I can do it!” Another thing that has helps me be empowered is journalling.

I journal as often as I can and write down my aspirations, goals, and ideas. This way I can assimilate my thoughts and learn more about myself the more I journey to be an exceptional woman. I am grateful for the journey that I have been through as it has molded me to be the woman I am today, and the woman I am to become.