Belated Nelson Mandela Day (Honoring Nelson Mandela)

This is a portrait of Nelson Mandela.

On the 18th of July, it was Nelson Mandela Day. On this day, every year, on Mandela's birthday, all of us across the globe honor his efforts, efforts that ended apartheid which was a system where white people were treated better than black people in his country, South Africa. On this day, I couldn't help but wonder how he was so dedicated to his cause that even while imprisoned for 27 years for fighting for his people, he continued fighting for black people in peace. He REFUSED to give up on his race's unfair treatment and was dauntless for 27 TEDIOUS YEARS IN PRISON. In South Africa, black people weren't allowed to be with black people ANYWHERE and if they were, they were thrown in PRISON. Mandela VOWED to end this.

I was enthralled by his dauntlessness and utmost determination. Mandela's hard work took YEARS to pay off and it did, when he became the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT OF SOUTH AFRICA and his presidency lasted for 5 years, during which he improved black lives in his country. His adult life was greatly shaped by the belief of Ubuntu, the idea that there is a oneness to all people, an impenetrable tie that binds us all to one another. Mandela took this belief to heart, and with it shaped the world around him, believing that strength will overcome strife and refusing to be cynical. He implemented the belief into his cause and later found a charity that particularly helps children living in poverty or are in bad situations in South Africa.

After thinking deep about his contributions, I too thought what honorable thing I could do. I wouldn't do it for recognition, but for the well-being of individuals. Then, it hit me: discrimination has decreased compared to before, but it is still going strong all around the world and this is evident by George Floyd's murder and the Black Lives Matter movement. Discrimination does not only happen by race, but also through religion, beliefs, culture, appearance and disabilities. For this reason, I have decided to create artworks and write poetry and express my thoughts on the matter for everyone to see and discouraging discrimination. I have also decided to express my thoughts here, in order for the world to see them.


A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.
~Nelson Mandela
Discrimination MUST be abolished. You can't treat people who are a little different than you. We all BLEED RED.
~My thoughts on discrimination