Woman, sitting with her head bowed down

The saddest kind of sadness is when you feel nothing

You're lost, full of fear.

You're numb and your tears can't even fall. 

You wish you can just turn off your thoughts -- thoughts that haunt you, thoughts only monsters can see.

Are these monsters really destroying you? 

Or is it your thoughts every night, while staring blankly at the ceiling?


You can't do anything, you can't even run from it. 

It is always one step ahead of you,

and the worst is you're trapped in your mind and in your closed heart.

You feel like the world stopped, but the truth is everything is going fine ... even without you. 

Your mind starts to wonder: 

Why do you feel empty and hurt at the same time?


Breathe in deep, and the pain may go away.

Breathe like it is the last breath you'll ever take. 

And maybe someday, maybe then, you'll realize that enough is enough.

Things will start to make sense. 

You just have to breathe.