A Letter for Girls Who Struggle


Hii Sweetie...

How are you?

How was your day?

Are you okay?

Are you having a hard time?

Do you feel like silence is the best friend because you think no one can heal?

I feel for you and I've been in that moment too. From my point of view, when hardships come, we become sentimental. Even when we want to tell others, there is still the fear that they might not get us, which will precisely increase the pain even more. People have different ways to deal with this. What I get is that we need to have boundaries, which means that deep down, we have to know what we want. It does not mean that we are closed off to their perspective, but we have some kind of benchmark with which to deal with them. So, we know where to start the control when we get crumbled from inappropriate responses. However, if there is so much burden, seeking professional help is the best choice.

That situation only happens when we are surrounded by the wrong people. I want you to know that you’re amazing already and it isn’t your fault if people don’t understand you. As time goes by, I hope you find someone that you can always go to talk to without being judged.

Some people have been broken many times. Some people have unspoken trauma. Some people deal with many things at once. I don’t know where you at, probably what you need to hear is that "it's okay to take a rest". You don't have to make big shifts when dealing with emotions things. You need to learn step by step. You have to pay attention to your mental state. I just want you to know that you are not alone.

If you feel lonely, I want you to meet someone. Close your eyes and take a deep breath! Feel your body! There is an entity there. That is someone that you might have forgotten. If you need a hug, she also needs one. If you are afraid of something new, she is more afraid than you are. Do you know that you mean a lot to her? You’re the one she trusts the most.

Please hold her tight because you’re precious to her. You can work together with her.

Tell her that growing up, "it's okay to make mistakes, it's okay not to understand many things yet, and it's okay to take a slow move especially when there are so many burdens. It’s a place where you can grow."

Tell her, "You're not cursed, you are precious. Sometimes we need to let bad things happen to us for a reason. We are supposed to learn, and we need to work on it. It’s okay to cry. Remember that you can go through challenges in front of you if you believe it. You would be a better person after that."

Tell her, "You need to be fulfilled. So, you enjoy the process, and whatever the result, you always find something from it. Our achievement is not always about something that can be measured but also about emotional aspects as well. That is something that you need to be cheered about, even though people cannot see it. As a matter of fact, pay attention to gaining patience in every experience that we go through. It will help us become our authentic selves and also help us live better lives in the future."

If life gets tough, help her find a little happiness, like eating her favorite food. Tell her that even if she wants to eat lollipops or gummy bears, it will not eliminate her from the process of growing up. Your guys’s harmony would create something great.

My wishes for you, If you're going through a hard time right now, I hope that will end soon. "There is a light at the end of the tunnel", You have to believe that!

One thing I want you to know for sure is that you are not alone.

You're loved, you're beautiful, and you're good enough. You have to believe it!!

It all depends on your mind.

I back you up!!