The cat and the mouse

A cat steadily watching

In a realm of houses, where cats and mice play,

A tale unfolds, a story to convey.

The cat, a symbol of order and law,

Keeps the home safe, ensuring no flaw.


But lo, the mouse, it sneaks through the door,

In palaces and homes, it scurries once more.

How can this be? The leaders and kings,

With wealth and power, can't capture such things?


For what is the cost of a simple cat's grace,

When resources abound in their prosperous place?

Yet the mouse reigns free, destruction in its wake,

Ruining treasures that progress could make.


If this be the state of the leaders high,

What's left for the ones whose houses lie?

With meager means and limited wealth,

What can they save from the mouse's stealth?


But behold, even the ordinary folk,

Find a way to protect their little yoke.

They acquire cats, though resources few,

Resisting the mouse's havoc, they do.


So what afflicts the leaders and kings,

Who possess the greatest of all things?

They know the laws, educated and wise,

Yet succumb to corruption, to their own demise.


The cat, a symbol of order and right,

Is forsaken by those who should hold it tight.

Bribery and corruption, they allow to thrive,

Destroying progress, impeding the drive.


While the ordinary ones, with limited means,

Choose to follow the rules, despite their scenes.

Though some may falter, most strive for the best,

Preserving what's theirs, pursuing progress.


So let this tale serve as a poignant plea,

For leaders and kings to change their decree.

Embrace the cat, uphold order and law,

And safeguard our resources, for one and all.