Climate change: A planned fiasco

A planned FIASCO.

We live in a world full of quagmires, whether or not to solve them is usually deciphered by the degree of harm it causes in the present. Have we ever thought about what our indiscriminate actions today can lead to tomorrow? This is one sticky wicket that has been tantalizing almost every scientist to find a solution as urgently as possible. Climate change is not something that’s happening on its own, it’s A PLANNED FIASCO. Talking about how to reduce carbon emissions and listening to ‘How dare you’ by Greta Thunberg will no more help. Its an issue that needs more sensitization than blame. Developed countries blame the developing ones, citizens blame industries and governments blame hidden mafias, we will make a difference when we start blaming ourselves. It is not a question of saving for the future generations, but saving ‘safe resources’ for our future earth and its other children, we can never forget that cooperation is co-existence, there is no planet 2, even if there is, we still owe a huge deal to the earth for the uncalled decimation of its clean air, white shining glaciers and animal life apart from us.

Based on the comparison of atmospheric samples contained in ancient ice cores and more recent direct measurements, provides evidence that atmospheric CO2 has increased dramatically since the Industrial Revolution compared to paleoclimatologic (past climate) measurements over the past 800,000 years. Not just this, a vicious chain of events is a huge warning signal, people are already giving up in front of the parlous consequences and its not late before it engulfs everyone. Climate change awareness hasn’t yet been able to feature in the actions of people, but just insincere manifestos and that needs to change. It does not know national boundaries and hence no one can actually backout of the implications. We do not need Greta Thunberg or David Attenborough to push the alarm button again and again and wake us up. Apart from taking, we have a responsibility of giving back, but what we are actually giving back to the earth is not contributing to its development but the annihilation of its environment and climate. Repeatedly organizing awareness drives and urging won’t help, its time to inculcate a change in our habits.

We, with the aid of the over-developed human mind can always discover how to make saline water drinkable and black contaminated air breathable, what about those who are completely dependent on the earth? Have we still not signed the moral agreement of “equal share and equal survival’ with them? The earth has given us so much, we, in return cannot throw carbon dioxide into its clean air bubbles, garbage in its green forests, concrete in its lush green jungles, plastic in the intestine of its animals, high temperature inside its glaciers, sulphuric and nitric acid in its pristine raindrops and guilt and failed repentance in our own karma. Time to blame ourselves, stand up and undo the extermination caused to its pious heart.