Dangerous adventure

illustration of cyberbullying
Every child is in danger to become part of the painful cycle of cyberbullying.

Recently, I was thinking a lot about cyberbullying. I imagine cyberbullying as space full of sharks. I imagine it as a dangerous adventure for every child and adult.

If you feel really bad and you think that everything will remain so forever, I hug you tightly. Many people will understand you and accept you as you are.

I will share with my secret how I get rid of a bad mood and any pressure. Every day I go to the window to look at the starry sky. Sometimes the sky is obscured by thick clouds, giving no chance for little stars to shine bright. But as soon as the wind drives away the clouds, I see the incredibly clear soft light of each star. I know that the stars are always there, and this thought makes me calm and happy.

Our life is like heaven, sometimes it is cloudy. Our thoughts, feelings, everything what and who you love are like stars. How strong the wind will depend on you. Don't forget, the world needs you.

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