Developing a kinder society to make the world better


When I see news about terrorism, I feel sad. Why do people blame each other's religion? When I see so much racism around, I feel confused. Why should people be selective of other people, if we are same?  Sometimes, I it too hard to be respectful, tolerant and good?  When terrorism is everywhere and it stands in the name of Islam, it's pretty scary. People start to judge Muslim's and say that we are terrorists. I'm Muslim and it hurts to know that your religion is being mistreated like that, almost everywhere. One day, my friend had to move abroad due to her parents' work. She told me that most of her friends usually made a joke of her religion and said that Muslims are terrorists. If the logic is that all Muslim's are terrorists, then all humans on this planet would die, because there is a large population of Muslim's on this earth.

In this era, people are selfish and feel that what they believe is the only true thing. They are too proud and want everything to be their way, without realising that they're living in diversity. Two days ago, there was a new man who came into a village near mine. The villagers wouldn't allow him to stay in that village just because he was Christian. How can people who live in the country with a lot of diversity act like that? How will the world be better if society acts like this? 

We should change our mindset to create a better society. We live in diversity and should respect it because it's what makes us all alive. One day, I cried because of the respect that was given to Muslims after the New Zealand terrorist attack. People gathered around Muslims to protect them during prayer and wearing hijabs. If people in this world were like them, the world would be more peaceful. There would no racism, because we are same. There would be no wrong religion, because every religion is right and doesn't teach people to do evil things.

There's no difficult way to create a kinder society. We just have to respect each other. There are many actions to create it, such us tolerance and being kind to everyone.

Let's see how beautiful our world can be when filled with kindness and diversity. Imagine if there's no diversity in this world, we would never know what 'respect' is. If we judge and refuse diversity, it means we shut out the world, because the world is dull of diversity and kindness.