Shades of Identity

Chain that is torn at sunset


A battle we face, yet not of our choosing. So why does it feel as though I am

living through an endless conflict?


Reveals the hues of a Latin American soul.

We are

Passionate and Resilient,

Dreamers and Fighters,

Our true essence, a fusion of shades.


Colors our journey with heritage and pride, yet divisions cast shadows upon our solidarity.

Stereotypes ignite the flames, and we strive to reclaim our rightful place.

Adversity becomes the battleground we navigate, against prejudices and imposed limitations.

Whether it be societal expectations, or the battles within our own hearts.


Breaks the chains that confine our spirits,

Liberating us from the bonds of oppression.

Our collective strength becomes the force, Transforming battles into

a Revolution.

We fight for ourselves,

For our roots and ancestral ties,

To shatter the barriers that hinder, And embrace the resilience within our souls.

Costa Rica