The Subtle Art of Self-Care

self care

But self-care is now frequently practiced on a daily basis. Self-care is all about taking care of your innermost needs. It involves assessing the requirements and wants that your body expresses. It has to do with the idea that you must put in the hard work of taking care of yourself before you can perform the work you need to do in the world, including taking care of others and giving back to your community.

Without fully understanding that self-care is founded on various important components that need to be taken into account to ensure complete consideration of a human being, we will be less able to manage and operate, perform, and even thrive in this new "norm." without fully considering our  diet; sleeping habits; social interaction; exercise.

So what does all of this entire thing mean ? How do you stop taking care of other human problems before beginning to prioritize at least part of your own? Here is my personal tip:

  Create your own self-care routine with your own signature style, Secondly implement new active realistic changes, Thirdly learn not to overwhelm yourself, its okay! to say "No". Fourthly, Learn to self-introspect and self-reflect. Above all love yourself enough so you can love the next person and care better.


Take care of yourself first so you may successfully take care of the world. We need you more!!


South Africa