The Person Who Stands Behind


You may have seen some people with disabilities telling their stories, about how they accepted their lives as it is, with a smile and doing things that they love. Maybe you felt inspired and found their stories uplifting. But have you ever taken a close look and noticed the one thing they all had in common? 

All of them had someone to support them from the back. Their families. 

If it wasn’t for the support of our families, we wouldn’t be able to do all these things we love and we couldn’t have told our stories to you.

So today, let me share my story. Let me take a moment to spotlight on my family members who helped me through the journey of my life. 

At first, I have to talk about my maternal grandma. Ever since I was born, she was always with me. From taking me to school and college to taking care of me in the absence of my mother, she does everything for me. She was one of those people without whom I couldn’t have come this far and become who I am. So despite how roughly I behave with her sometimes, today I want to say that I love her and I am always thankful that she was by my side.

My mother. The person I love the most. If there is someone I look up to, it’s her. She's one of those people who always have my back, and who knows what I need. She's the reason I was able to accept my life with a smile. She's the one who loves me as who I am, and who is there when the world turns its back. She is the one who believes in when even I don’t. She encourages and inspires me. She taught me that I am 'differently able', not 'disable'. I can't express in words how much she means to me, and how grateful I am to be born as her daughter. 

My father. No matter how heavy I am, he is the superhero who will always carry me. I have no better words to explain him.

I also like to express my gratitude towards that one member of my family who is not my elder sister as per relationship, but she plays that role. The person who took care of me for 10 years and still cares for me. 

These people called my family is my backbone. They always stand by me, pushing me forward. If unconditional love exists, I found it in them. They say sometimes other people's love can be the power that allows you to love yourself. It’s my family who made me love myself, who made me believe in myself. The path to live a life like everyone else wasn’t easy and it still isn’t. It’s a bumpy road full of obstacles. But with the support of my beloved family, I made it through and have come this far and I still dream big dreams.

Behind every person like us, there is at least one person who stands behind. These people are the reason we can live our lives comfortably and chase our dream like everyone else. So today, let's take a moment to appreciate and respect those families who are supporting their children with disabilities and fighting for giving them a normal life. 

A girl in wheelchair looking at her family through screen