Do you believe in God?

This image contains a quote by Preeti Kothiyal which says, "God is a positive energy which encourages us to go good things."

Religion has always been a very controversial subject. But the question that arises is, how many of us really understand the concept of religion?

I see lots of people saying that they don't believe in God. But what does God represent? For me God is a constant positive energy in my life. What I believe is that one doesn't need to believe in a deity if one believes in some positive force.

This positive force can be their father, mother, siblings, grandparents, etc. Anyone can be a positive force as long as they help us to move in a positive direction. This positive force keeps you grounded and listens to both your complaints and good news with equal sincerity.

We have all heard or seen people crying in front of deities or talking to them and some even hug the idol itself. Is this hysteria? If we can cry before our parents or hug them then how is our action different from theirs? It is just that we find our positive force in your parents and they do the same in that idol of the deity .

Most peoples' understanding of religion is very shallow and they are the ones who makes rash proclamations and are willing to do anything in the name of God. How god is misused is something which needs further discussion but today I would like to end by saying that believing in some idol does not make one a great devotee if one is not able to take care of their dear ones and that life becomes much easier if we believe in some positive force in our life whoever that may be.