Don’t get disappointed

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Being rejected is an every day part of our lives and it can suck.

The reason rejection sucks is that our species depends on being social and interacting with each other, regardless of how anti-social some of us are. I, as an introvert, find being around people often tiring, okay? I think some of you can agree on that. Anyway, despite how smoothly you think your life is going, you are bound to run into rejection the moment you set foot outside your home.

I guess when you hear the word "rejection" a lot of us have the idea of romantic rejection in mind. For example, you are at your local cafّe and you find yourself infatuated with someone. You find them cute, they have a perfect smile, have a crush. How do you go about risking your ego and potentially this person's too in order to build a relationship with this person?

It is easy! Go talk to them! Just make a conversation. If they are not interested it is fine! It won't diminish your value as a person, do not depend on others for self validation. Just come out of it knowing that the next time you are interested in a person, it wont be as difficult as the first time!

I think the main problem of rejection, however, is public speaking. Just try to do your best and don't end up being upset because of someone's opinion. You should feel proud about it because you tried! I think what it comes down to is how a lot of us as teens are just trying to figure out where we fit in. Where we belong in this world full of different people and different ideologies.

We desire to be with people who agree with our thoughts, people who can accept us regardless of our quirks. I am not saying it is an easy task to accept rejection, every single day we face judgment from those around us and it is a constant challenge for us find acceptance, but we can keep living with dignity.

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