Enough Is Enough

Justice For George


First off, I want to say that I'm devastated and disappointed to what just happened to George Floyd. As a blogger, I always try to make a blog that will never ever offend, bring skins, races, religions, and most importantly not supporting the discrimination action. I'm so lucky to have been born and raised in a family that does not support racism. I've been taught to always respect others without looking their skins, beliefs, races, and other differences.

It's hard to accept the fact that Mr. Floyd had to die because of his skin color. This is not right to always happen to all of the black people. Remember about the death of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery? They were also killed because of the racial inequality. I feel like it has to be stopped immediately. I can't even imagine how bad this world would be if it still happens.

I acknowledge that I have a privilege because of my skin color. But I want to educate myself that being non-racist is not enough. I have to be anti-racist. I think we all have to be ANTI-RACIST. I'm joining the DoSomething.org to take a stand for the black people's justice. Speaking out about an issue like this is something that we should do right now.

I have many friends that are actually black. And I'm proud to have friends like them. I never choose a friend just based on their skin and looks. Anyways, who likes the difference? Fyi, I do. Because, it makes us to always explore its uniqueness so that we can learn something new in life. Sometimes, we often think that the difference is bad. But actually, it's not.

I'm sorry if I haven't done enough for the Black Lives Matter movement in the past, but I always try to do my best to make a change in our society. 

If you're black or if you're white, you all deserve to live. No one has rights to tell you otherwise. One of my ultimate dreams is to see everyone being included in the society without seeing their skins. What had happened to Mr. Floyd was very tragic. He's also a human being who deserves to breathe and live.

My heart and prayers are with all the victims of the racial inequality ♥️. I hope they will get what they should get. What I mean here is, the JUSTICE. Yup! They should get the justice.

That's what I can say about this. Thank you for taking the time to read this till the end. I really appreciate it.

PS - my heart right now is ?. #BlackLivesMatter

Love, R

I acknowledge that I have a privilege because of my skin color. But, I want to educate myself that being non-racist is not enough. I have to be anti-racist. I think we all have to be ANTI-RACIST.
Black Lives Matter