A fairy tale for you

a picture of me reaching towards the sky

I’d write a fairy tale for you

Whispered my Prince Charming

And I said halt you may not

Because if you do write 

A chronicle of my life

You’d leave out the little dark details

You’ll make your princess charming too

Perfect and beautiful

But without my flaws I cease to exist

So hear me world - The story of the Princess

Unfiltered and flawed 

Honest and vulnerable

She gets insecure almost as easily

As a single whisper travels the room

She hides behinds her words

Because her feelings are too crude

She writes about her love 

In metaphors and riddles

She never could tell them before

She dances when no one’s around

She sings Spanish tunes all wrong

But oh I wish you’d see her like that

Unfiltered for those rare moments

When her soul lit up

With a fire Zeus sent from up above

And her eyes sparked when she saw the fireflies

As they glittered brighter when around her

And she wondered whether they did so

To be friends with her

Or dispel the darkness she felt within

And she tries to drown her sorrows in drinks

In the deafening music of clubs and parties

And at times she’s the quietest girl in the corner

If only she could spot Jane Austen

Yes she’s crazy for love

But you’ll never see her admit it

I’ve seen her weak and vulnerable

Seeking validation

Giving it all up one moment

And scrambling for the pieces of her dreams the next

I’ve seen her all broken and shattered

So yes, your Princess was not perfect

She’s flawed

But it is because she fell that hard

That now she laughs in the face of storm

It is because she hurt so much

That now her love is so strong

It bends destiny from any devilious trick

It has up its sleeve

She’s scarred and she wear them

Like badges of victory

She walked her own way into the jungle

So stubbornly

Into the dragon’s lair

That society shunned her

And she emerged in the origin of dreams

And fell in love with the reality

That she had crafted

This is the story of the Princess

In all its honesty

Flawed but I daresay beautiful too.