The Path

The path

I tread on this path

My feet, bare.

Marching on, I hear the silence weep.

When the sun blazes hot in the sky,

and the water runs dry,

I quench my thirst with dreams and ambitions 

I promised I would live by.

And so I tread on this path unknown,

Never looking back

Never will I pity myself,

Never shall I slack.

I've made mistakes,

and I do not excuse myself,

But I don't live under the regret; I am just a human.

A mistake is not a sin,

Thus I know I shall have my chance.

So I tread on, in pain and agony.

Bare my feet; the night is cold and dark

No light to guide me through this darkness,

No fire to keep me warm.

So I dream the warmth and comfort of a love

I dream of the dreams I believe in .

I dream on, I hold on and I tread on....