Future Talent

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Education is one of the most essential aspects of life. It is a shield that changes an individual's life and provides them with new hope.

Education boosts confidence and is the root of success.

Education is a fundamental right that every human being has.

Having said this, there are still a lot of children and adults who are deprived of proper education. Multiple factors have affected the quality of education, which must be considered and solved immediately.

Leaders must act decisively to address the learning issue, or the world will lose some talented individuals. To solve this learning crisis, leaders at first must identify the learning materials that is been used in schools. They must check whether the materials like textbooks and digital learning resources are been properly used for educating children.

Secondly, they must make sure they include children with disabilities. Apart from this, the curriculum must be made in such a way that it includes every basic information.

Highly qualified teachers must be appointed to work with students and uplift them. The most important factor emotional and mental health of children must be considered so that they are ready to learn in a calm and composed environment. Practicality is advancing throughout the world, so in order for these new generation to grow they must be given more practical and creative knowledge rather than bookish knowledge.

This is the era of technology. In order to make up to the world, new generations must be familiar with the devices and new gadgets. Thus, to bridge the learning gap advanced technological platforma must be designed and there must be availability of potential technology.

Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.

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