My dream, my idols

A teacher in classroom

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“I wanna be a teacher.”


Usually, this “Why?” follows by a number of reasons why I shouldn’t be a teacher. Maybe people say those words insincerely, but I still feel the need to defend the profession I respect so much.

Every profession comes with its own responsibility. Teaching is no exception. Teaching is a job next to parenting. It cannot be taken lightly at all. 

Ever since I was younger, I looked up to my teachers. I admired and respected them, and they were my idols when it came to career choice. I dreamt of the day I would face my own students.

Even now, I still cherish that dream.

Rather than the lessons from textbooks, I always looked forward to the part where the teachers gave life lessons. During those times, they seemed more honest and more human. There were times when they even admitted that the education system wasn’t helping us with our values at all.

And even today, if you ask me what my dream is, my answer will be the same. 

I think that teaching can be a good way of expressing myself and also helping young people. If I could change someone’s life with my words, if I could help my future students when they need, if I can help them find their dream, if I can be someone they can lean on, wouldn’t that be better than delivering speeches in front of a bunch of strangers?

I treasure the love I received from my teachers and the support they gave me throughout my student life. Today, I want to take my time to express my gratitude towards them. I also want to tell them that I am going to follow their footsteps.