A Glimpse of Poverty

Children wearing dirty clothes posing in front of the camera.

When you're poor:

you can't do things you like to do

at the same time, do things you don't want to


When you're poor:

you think of ways on how not to feel poor

but a smart one, would think of ways on how to get out of poverty


When you're poor:

although you want to be treated

would just hide the pain and suffering instead


When you're poor:

happiness becomes shallow

a simple dinner will allow

the eyes to glow

and then start tomorrow

with the same kind of sorrow

of finding food to swallow


When you're poor:

it is easier to see the smile in each other's face

satisfied with ample things needed for the day


But being poor:

doesn't mean you have to be contented of the things you can only have and do

Being poor:

can be an advantage to see the things you can't have and do.

With that, you are limitless. Because you have seen what a rich have not.


Soon you will see what a rich sees. By that time, be poor at heart.