Kardia, the Human Heart

A digital art of a heart, half in the light (with flowers) and half in the dark(with butterflies)

Kardia, the Human Heart


Within the layers of our being lays the heart,

Like a pearl in its sanctuaried shell.

It is where the Creator redeems our soul;

It is where vicious betrayals eagerly await


The heart is like a receptive soil to the seed of life.

It waits upon spring to come for its flowers to bloom.

Rain arouses its deepest parts with ambitions;

Sun rays illuminate the broken windows of its chambers.


Passion pumps from within, boiling in the veins.

Palpitating wildly, the heart’s rhythm desires to be heard.

Its melody patiently reviving vivid blossoms,

Tying silver strings, from one heart to another.


The heart is home to the most ardent force,

A circulating vigor running in our blood.

It is worth life and death, with some to lose but more to gain,

For love is the force that drives humanity to reign.


But darkness could fall, stealing the daylight;

And madness could be all that the heart desires.

It longs for the delight and fruitful garden,

Sleeplessly wondering if dawn would meet the night.


When the heart shade tears of desperation,

The soul hungers and thirsts for solace.

When the floriferous buds die, and the soil dies,

The heart becomes aware of the agony of life.


A yearning heart tempts to be betrayed by ego;

As it offers a plate full of bitter prosperity;

And slyly whispers what the ears want to hear;

Making the heart lust for more and more.


The heart may look like glass but it is a diamond.

It may be void of blossoms but it stores butterflies.

Each beat is a solemn oath to keep us live,

But when it stops, all that it was will remain in the soul.