The Lack of Clean Water

Dirty water to the left and clean Water to the left

The problem is the lack of clean water in the world. Some people who can not afford clean water have to drink dirty polluted water and sometimes end up sick or dead. When not drinking the dirty water you can still end up sick or dead from dehydration. But there are solutions to these problems but some are expensive and don’t even work. People that aren’t able to find clean water have to find a different way to filter the water like a homemade filter or buy a more expensive filter.

To solve the problem of the lack of clean water we ( this was a group project) needed to find things that were useful and were cheap enough. So we tried to find some and this is what we found. First, we tried to make a homemade water filter but if you don’t have the correct things then it may not work well. Then, we used a life straw it worked very well but pretty costly, around $15-17. Lastly, boiled water, it doesn’t really do anything unless you what to remove bacteria.       

During our experiment, we almost messed on the homemade filter but we followed through. We put charcoal and sand to the water to make it dirty. The homemade water filter barely any water left. In the left straw, it took little water but left a lot to drink plus it was very easy to use. The boiling water didn’t do anything.

This experiment can help others by informing them of how the different ways to filter water. From the great lifestraw but pretty pricey. The homemade water filter is easier but less water. The boiling water just removes bacteria. So it just matters in your opinion. What do you think? 

a jar with boiled water
A jar filling up with water from a homemade
Someone drinking water from a life straw