Let us breathe

Girl standing at the beach

The world of the 21st century, where everything is upgraded. Technologies are at their best. Artificial intelligence is showcasing its new innovations. Every day someone achieves some breakthrough, but the only thing that has not been upgraded is people's questioning of women.  

Almost 2024, but still somewhere in some corner of the world, a girl might be questioning herself, "Why only me?" The year changes, the days change, but what remains unchanged is people questioning women.  

The most common question for example is when you dress up for an event. You look beautiful but out of nowhere, someone will come and ask: "Oh dear, why this dress? You look good, but it’s so old-fashioned." Or you go out for a get together with your friends, and you think you will enjoy it, but the first question that pops out of their mouth is, "Oh, why do you still not have a boyfriend? Shall we search for you?", "Why don't you get married?" "Oh, you don't even drink? Why don't you drink with us? Just a sip."  You post something on social media, people will have issues with it as if it's posted for them, when in reality no one has to do anything about it.  

There is a question about everything. People's eyes are on you if you are a girl. Anything you eat: WHY?, anywhere you go: WHY?, with whom you talk, laugh, and smile: WHY?. 

Now, let me question all of you. WHY? And really a big WHY? It's my life and completely my choice. What I want to wear, whether I want a boyfriend, want to get married or post on social media, whether I want to drink or not, the decision is completely mine. Why are you all so bothered by someone else’s decision?  

Live and let live. You have no right to question anybody's decision based on your judgment. Create an environment where everyone can enjoy each other's company. Let us breathe the fresh air where there are no questions related to the choices made.