Letter to my younger self

image of a little girl from behind

Hey little me, 

I wish you had written down a couple of questions for me to answer today. It is hard to think what you would have wanted me to talk about specifically, since I am you and not, at the same time. My last resource is guessing. I am not sure if you ever desired advice from an older self in order to take decisions. So even though you did not wish for them, here is a couple of bits of advice: 

To the one I was 15 years ago, math is hard but learning is great. Do not feel like you need to follow what everybody else does in order to feel part of the bunch. Keep being loud and kind; you are whole independently. Continue playing with dolls despite others quitting it due to the idea of ‘being lame’. You are onto a great start. 

To the one I was 10 years ago, do not worry about boys and keep focusing on building genuine relationships with friends. It is ok you became reserved; sometimes it is better to sit back and listen. Books are awesome; you will read an entire book per week, more than you will ever do. Forget about the bullies; you will prove them wrong one day, so do not even doubt yourself for a second. You have a bright path ahead. 

To the one I was 5 years ago, failing math is not the end of the world. Friends and family will be there to help you get up. Taking baby steps towards independence will be exciting, but take mental notes. Please take a moment and try to take it all in. You are on the right track regarding what you want to do in the future. 

To the one I was yesterday, keep listening to yourself. Check those mental notes once in a while. You feel like you aged more in the last 3 months than in the last 3 years. Remember to not compare yourself to others. Nurture those old good habits that you left alone a while ago. You have your priorities straight. The road is still long, but the ride is worth it. 

Today you are looking quite different, both inside and out. You probably did not expect to turn out this way; you would be surprised but proud at the same time. I know I owe you many wishes and promises you made to yourself along the way. I know I still have to take you places you have not been before. Thus, I promise I will continue moving forward but without forgetting about you. Cheers to you: past, present, and future. 


Yours truly.