LGBT+ in Education

The Power of Inclusive Education

We have a problem in our schools. 45% of LGBT pupils (inc 64% trans pupils) are bullied for their sexual orientation or gender identity in Britain's Schools. 

Only one in five LGBT pupils have been taught about safe sex in relation to same-sex relationships. That's four in five missing vital education in Britain's Schools. 

Schools need to do more. Both in education and socially. No-one should be bullied especially for something they have no control over, and schools need to do more to combat homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. It starts with the younger generation. We need to raise our voice. Stand out. It's our education, not theirs.

We need to have a say in it. I could go on about how instead of learning about PI (something I am never going to use) we learn about same-sex relationships, taxes, insurance, types of bank accounts and so much more. But I am not going to do that. We need to raise our voice. Stand for change. And be the change.