Little Steps for Bigger Change

trees, lake, sunshine

Climate change is the most important issue of the present era. It is an open secret that climate change is a serious danger to humans, because all human on Earth need a healthy environment to live, including healthy air, water, and sanitation.

Lately, I discovered that climate change is not only harming the environment but our mental health also. Climate change damages and decreases our mental health due through heat waves, hurricanes, and other natural disasters, which can cause us to develop stress disorders, anxiety, and even PTSD. This was found to have happened to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina and other major disasters.

The causes of climate change itself are many, but all of them come from ourselves – humans. Still, many people are immature and uneducated enough to ignore the situation, littering, overfishing, and polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, which are the main caused of global warming. Other natural disasters exist, like tsunamis, but these are not caused by humans and we can't help to stop them like we can climate change. 

It is important for each of us to take little steps, so that we can make bigger changes together. Who else will take care of our living world if not us? All we need to do is be more insightful, care about Mother Nature, stop overfishing and over-exploitation, decrease the use of plastics and greenhouse gasses, and rehabilitate the environment. If all of us take just take one very small step every day, like putting your trash in the trash can, it will add up.