Locked in the darkness

Locked in a dark mensuration hut

I was 10 years old

I packed my clothes in a bag with messy folds

When I was said as  untouchable 

At the age of playing with the pebbles

I was sent away from my home

Locked in the darkness alone

Inside the four muddy walla

I screamed but no one heard it at all

I was scared and it was all so scary

Everyone stopped saying me as cute little fairy

They said I am an adult now

I was shocked and I questioned how

No one replied to me with the answer

Was it just because I had mensuration?


Spending seven days in that unknown place

Not allowed to see the sun or just have a glance

Seven-night with all the fears

It felt like it had already passed seven years

My eyes were filled with tears 

But look at all they don't even care

Few days before the one who kept me on his lap

I wish he could touch me at least to give a slap 

I had a thirst for having my father's one sight

Still surprised that how I lost my childhood in one night 

Look I am crying to see one ray of light

And to make other's cry is our culture right?


No respect, no love, no support what is that life?

Instead of having mensuration, I would rather die 

I felt that gods are cheater they cheated me 

All were liars who told me that I am free

I am locked in the darkness can't you see?

One day I saw a snake coming near me 

The sun was waiting outside asking me to run but I was not allowed to see

But I managed to run as I had no other option

I was happy to see the light after so long

People said I have done sin and should pay for it

 The snake would bite me, I would have died what do they mean?

For what I should pay the death penalty what I have done?

Having mensuration is my fortune and it is a natural process everyone should learn


How can you say that women having mensuration are impure?

You aren't dropped from the sky for sure 

How can you even raise your finger telling that or this?

How can you snatch all my happiness and take it away from me?

You are telling that mothers are impure, don't you feel shame?

Thinking mensuration is bad have you lost your brain?

How can these terrible thoughts come into your mind? 

If you can't see the truth, put me your glasses and see it one more time 

Now tell yourself, without mensuration is it possible to have a life?